CYCLE A Vaudeville Comedy by Rose ourtney With Original Music by Rachel Kaufman

Reviews of CYCLE: A Vaudeville Comedy

"This refreshingly sweet dream play...feels like an inspired, overdue, and rather brave counterweight to a decade of 'edge'."
-Travis Stewart, The Village Voice

"The in-the-flesh thrill of vaudeville is brought to life by CYCLE. This solid jewel of a play...transports us through time."
-Sarah Krasnow, New Theatre Corps

"Cycle is a genial, bizarre blend of Frank Capra, Pirandello, and Neil Simon...hilarious."
-Gwen Orel, BackStage

"The script is picture-perfect and brightly executed."
-Jon Sobel, Blogcritics Magazine

"With its impossibly charming characters and retro feel, Cycle all but guarantees that you'll leave the theatre feeling happier than when you came in."
-Christina Polizoto, Show Business Weekly

"Rose Courtney's Cycle would be a sweet ride for any company...a luscious, enjoyable show."
-Aaron Riccio, Show Showdown

"There is no resisting this journey... Cycle is a winning combination of heart and wit."
-Kristyn Smith, New Theatre Corps

"Cycle is a piece of extraordinary delight and delicacy. It puts one in mind of Marceau, Buster Keaton, and the film 'King of Hearts'."
-Frank Rutledge, Literary Manager, Boarshead Theatre