CYCLE A Vaudeville Comedy by Rose ourtney With Original Music by Rachel Kaufman


3 men
4 women
1 musician
minimal set
running time: 90 minutes

If desperate New Yorker Charlotte Shrubsole doesn't find success today, she's going to jump off the roof. A few blocks away, a troupe of travelling performers who have been hurled forward in time must get back to the year 1938 in time for their big opening night at the Palace Theatre.

To find their way back, the troupe must save Charlotte. This sets them on a journey of Vaudevillian proportions, with the six member ensemble inhabiting all the characters in Charlotte's marathon day and using every skill in their repertoire - from Shakespeare to soft-shoe - to guide her safely home. The action is underscored by an on-stage musician, who also accompanies the musical numbers on piano, guitar, flute, accordion, bell, slide whistle, and more.

The world of CYCLE is innocent, absurd, and seriously hopeful. It presents the basest comedy alongside the greatest classical texts of all time in order to say: we are all the same. And if we open our eyes to the wonders around us, we will travel beyond limitation.

And did I mention there's a bicycle?